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Validating your Office Add-in manifest just got easier - Introducing the Office Add-in...

Discussion in 'Official Microsoft News' started by Blog, Apr 5, 2017.

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    Last week, the Office Extensibility team introduced a new enhancement to the add-in manifest validation experience. The Office Add-in Validator will help you pinpoint errors in your manifest without having to check it manually. Now, you can troubleshoot your manifest directly from a command prompt or Terminal.

    Find errors in your manifest

    The Office Add-in Validator highlights the errors in your manifest and provides links to documentation to help you address them.


    Test your add-in on the right platforms

    The validator also highlights the Office hosts that your add-in can run on. We recommend testing your add-in on these platforms before you submit it to the Office Store.


    Stay up-to-date on Office Store requirements

    The validator provides up-to-date validation feedback at any stage of add-in development. The service checks for the following:

    • Mandatory namespaces
    • XML schema validation
    • Office compatibility

    Note: Because the validator calls the Store, you must be connected to the Internet when you use it.

    Install the Office Add-in Validator

    To start using the Office Add-in Validator:

    1. Install Node.js. Go to nodejs.org and download the distribution for your system.
    2. Open a command prompt / terminal as an administrator, and install the Office Add-in Validator and its dependencies globally by using the following command:

    npm install -g office-addin-validator​

    Or if you already have Yo Office installed, upgrade to the latest version by using the following command, and the validator will be installed as a dependency:​

    npm update -g generator office​

    1. Now you’re ready to run the validator. For information about how to use the validator or to contribute, visit our GitHub repository.

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