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Sway Use Case series #4: Travel Sways

Discussion in 'Official Microsoft News' started by Sway Team, Dec 10, 2015.

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  1. Sway Team

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    Sway is a digital storytelling app that makes it easy for people to bring all sorts of stories—educational, professional and personal—to life in a new and interactive way. This blog series highlights the great examples of Sways made across different categories by all sorts of people to make their ideas shine.

    In the last Sway Use Case blog, we highlighted some of the many ways that small businesses and professionals alike are using Sway to share ideas internally and with their customers. In today’s blog, we’ll hit the road and check out many ways that travelers and adventurers are using Sway to share the secrets, wonders and adventures they’ve experienced around the world. Check out the highlights below!

    Swaying your vacation and adventures with interactive multimedia

    Dexter L. (shared with us via UserVoice) created a detailed series of Sways to chronicle an incredible trip to Taipei. Dexter brings his travels—and Taipei itself—to life in a new way for his audience by using a full range of multimedia in his Sways, including embedded maps, videos, images and more. Whether you’re tapping to sift through a photo stack, sliding to compare warm beverages or pinching and zooming a map to get a sense for the different places he visited, Dexter’s use of Sway helps you feel like you were along for the ride.

    Check out the first day of Dexter’s Taipei trip in this Sway:

    Reviewing vacation accommodations with Sway

    Kent and Caanan (@NVRguys) have crafted a “no vacation required” lifestyle with an aim to “live fully now.” They use digital tools to share their take on maximizing life, travel and work with others across the web. In this Sway, reviewing their experience at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay in Hawaii, Kent and Caanan combine Sway’s engaging new format together with their own vast travel expertise to educate the reader on ways that technology can improve the guest experience in the hospitality industry.

    Check out Kent and Caanan’s piece on “The Future of Hospitality:”

    Using Sway’s format to celebrate amazing scenes in nature

    Leonardo Sobrado (@lsobrado) and his family have Swayed a number of their hiking adventures, including a trip to Logan Pass. Leonardo’s use of Sway celebrates the stunning nature scenes his artistic eye is able to capture, and his creations bring his friends and family along on the journey in an exciting way. Combining his breathtaking images with one of Sway’s simpler designs, Leonardo’s aesthetic blend helps tell his family’s story and inspires us all to spend a bit more time outdoors.

    Check out Leonardo’s image-rich Sway:

    Swaying your vacation Sways

    Nathan Carroll (@DNCarroll) reminds us that in addition to combining a variety of interactive multimedia in a Sway—including images, text, videos, tweets, charts, maps and more—you can embed Sways in a Sway as well! Nathan does this in a creative way to share a collection of Sways he made for each stop during a trip to Italy in 2015. Each of the embedded Sways tells a great story with images, videos and more (the button in the top right of each Sway lets you explore it in full-screen mode). Altogether, Nathan’s “table of contents” Sway is a great way to organize his vacation Sway collection to share with friends and family, to explore in the sequence they see fit.

    Experience Nathan’s tour of Italy:

    Sharing upcoming travel plans with Sway

    Kristin Luna (@LunaticAtLarge) is a travel and food writer who used Sway to share her upcoming plans for the summer of 2015. Bringing images and text together in Sway to tell a forward-looking story reminds us of the myriad reasons we all have to share our narratives—not all of which are retrospective. Whatever type of story you wish to tell, Sway can help you bring it to life in a new way.

    Check out Kristin’s summer plans Sway (we hope you had a great summer Kristin!):

    Publish your professional collection of digital travel guides with Sway

    Roads & Kingdoms (@RoadsKingdoms)—an independent media company backed by Anthony Bourdain—has recently reimagined the travel guide by inviting you to go beyond the pages of their new book, “Rice, Noodle, Fish: Deep Travels through Japan’s Food Culture,” with an immersive web experience built with Sway and OneNote. For each of the seven cities covered in their physical book, Roads & Kingdoms published a collection of Sways providing an overview and detailed information on where to eat, drink and sleep. Each Sway inspires the viewer with beautiful photography, interactive maps, videos and more. These Sway guidebooks, together with downloadable OneNote city guides, offer a one-of-a-kind experience showcasing how travel can come to life in new ways with apps like Sway.

    Check out the full set of Roads & Kingdoms Japan guides, including this Kyoto collection:

    Well, we don’t know about you, but we certainly have the travel bug after seeing all these amazing adventures come to life in Sway! If you need any tips on sharing your adventures, check out this vacation Sway tutorial video. And of course, continue to share your Sways and ideas with us on Twitter @Sway or our “Show us your Sway” forum on UserVoice!

    Happy trails!

    —Sway team, @Sway

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