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SPO Permissions - are the use of AD Groups still the 'best practice'? (I'm thinking no...)

Discussion in 'SharePoint Blogs' started by /u/mytrashcancancancan, Sep 13, 2019 at 7:39 PM.

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  1. /u/mytrashcancancancan

    /u/mytrashcancancancan Guest

    Blog Posts:
    Modern SharePoint, Teams, Planner, Groups, etc. are throwing a wrench into my plans to clean-up our SPO permissions by using AD Groups. 'Owners' (whoever creates one of the thing listed) can now manage the permission for their site, they no longer need special permission training to know which permission level to provide the user with and no longer need to reply on IT staff to add/remove people.

    OLD BEST PRACTICE: It's always been a best practice to use AD Groups for permissions in SPO - this let's HelpDesk manage who has access (i.e. on/off boarding of staff) vs. adding Janie to these 3 site and Eric to these 8 sites. If each site has a special AD Group used, then adding/removing users is handled during the on/off boarding process.


    Since users can now create sites, teams, planners, outlook groups, etc. on their own, they are able to control permissions on their own...and long gone are the many permission levels that staff had to figure out. This is a good thing...however, we still have a bunch of classic SharePoint sites that are now turning into 'modern sites' inch by inch...how does this affect/impact current permission groups??

    How are YOU navigating this mix of classic and modern?? What are YOUR best practices?

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