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Single doc library or multiple doc library?

Discussion in 'Official Microsoft News' started by Microsoft SharePoint, Dec 10, 2015.

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    Hi there,

    I have a setup a team site for a client. They have 9 departments each with 3 different locations and would like to store documents on sharepoint. These documents can be applicable by both department or location and are managed by a single department (Quality), with the other departments only needing to see the ones that apply to them. None of these documents need to be particularly secure and do not need to be edited by anyone but the Quality team, it is mainly to "clean up" how the documents are viewed.

    My idea for this is to have two managed metadata tags, one for department and one for location, that must be added when a doc is uploaded and a web part for each location with a view of the document library that filters only the documents they should see. I created this on a dev site and gave a demo to the client who seemed happy with the idea.

    I think this solution makes sense because it allows one department to only see docs relating to them and only has a single document library for the Quality department to maintain. It also prevents duplication of documents in multiple locations.

    The plan was to allow the Quality team access to the site now. However I have just been emailed by the client saying that they have spoken with their daughter (who I have just found out is an SP consultant) and she believes they should use multiple doc libraries for this task.

    Apologies if this is difficult to follow, I'm just looking for a sanity check. Based off what I said, it my solution "bad" in any particular way? I just to want to see if there's any reasoning for multiple doc libraries for this before we discuss it tomorrow.


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