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Sharing with external work/school accounts.

Discussion in 'SharePoint Blogs' started by /u/reddit_affiliate, Sep 13, 2017.

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  1. /u/reddit_affiliate

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    I work support upstream of individual k-12 school districts and we are piloting Sharepoint Online as an additional service to allow for secure doc processing between us and them. I've run into a snag with external sharing where Sharepoint Online needs a Microsoft account to authenticate against shares from our tenant. That can apparently be a personal account, or, if they have it enabled and configured, an O365 organizational account. Many of the districts are small, rural, and have no IT support. We opted to go with walking the districts through signing up for a personal Microsoft account and using a primary district email address to register the account.

    Unfortunately, some districts I've tested with are seeing a rejection with the error "You cannot use a work or school address to sign up for an account." This is problematic since these districts do not use O365 (to their knowledge) and have no easy way to signing up or managing an organizational account.

    I have 50+ external clients to share with. Any email address *@k12.ca.us is immediately flagged as education and denied registering for a personal account. I've noticed that some privately registered domains also seem to somehow be recognized as work/school domains, although there doesn't seem to be any obvious way Microsoft could know that contososchooldistrict.org is a k-12 institution.

    What are my options here? It feel like I will need to ask these organizations to use personal email addresses that cannot be monitored or controlled by the district, or give them internal accounts from our domain.

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