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Sharepoint export import large .cmp files over 2gb?

Discussion in 'SharePoint Blogs' started by Microsoft SharePoint, Dec 14, 2015.

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    We created a script that allows us to grab all content from our sharepoint 2010 site and import into sharepoint 2013. all lists and libraries import correctly expect one in particular that seems to be because its over 2gb large. is a library full of large images. when attempting to import into the new site, we get various issues depending on what we've tried (which would be too much to get into here if i were to go into detail). Essentially, through our numerous attempts, we get issues like "exportsettings.xml missing, or "failed to read package".

    the main issue seems to be with files larger than 2gb. if i remove certain .dat files from the original import, causing the cmp file to reduce to under 2gb, then it seems to import but obviously since dat files are now missing it errors, but ive done that just to see if it at least attempts to work under 2gb, which leads me to believe this is the issue due to cab files having a 2gb limit (which is what .cmp files are essentially.)

    So we try splitting the cab into multiple cab files, which according to some articles, is a way to bypass the 2gb limit. oddly, if the split cab files ultimately are under 2gb, it works fine but, yet again, if the end result is still above 2gb (meaning the full cab is still over 2gb, but split into several smaller cabs) then we still get an error.

    Has anyone had any experience with this? its confusing as hell but if i try a recab into split files, i can extract fine, so the .cab limit seems to work to bypass it, but unfortunately it seems sharepoint still doesn't want to bypass the limit the same way, even though split files DO import correctly if the end result is under 2gb.

    Sharepoint......ugh. :/

    submitted by unvaluablespace
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