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SharePoint 2013 Self Service Site Creation and Site Directory

Discussion in 'SharePoint Blogs' started by Microsoft SharePoint, Dec 18, 2015.

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    Hi all,

    I am new to SharePoint, but I was asked to architect our new 2013 environment to replace 2007. My questions today revolve around site collection administration. Maybe my Googling is a little off, but it seems not many people have the same requirements I do, because I can't find much.

    In our current Sharepoint (2007), we have a single web application, and we have self-service site creation enabled, as well as a Site Directory. This is important, as each project in the company has its own site collection, so we have a large number of site collections that we need to keep track of. When you click on 'Create Site' within the Site Directory, it brings up the standard site creation page, which also has some custom attributes. Awesome.

    It seems with 2010 MS removed the Site Directory, but this is a feature we need back. I currently have self service site creation activated, and it works well. I also was able to create a subsite on the root site (I also tested this with a site collection) with the Site Directory template. New sites that are created are never added to either of these pages.

    My minimum requirements here are to have a site creation page that allows me to select a template, and to display the created site in some sort of list. Additional attributes are more of a nice to have.

    So my question is: how should I go about getting back the same self service site creation and site directory functionality we have in 2007 in our new 2013 environment?


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