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SharePoint 2013 Changing the page names

Discussion in 'SharePoint Blogs' started by /u/Brohagen, Mar 31, 2017.

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  1. /u/Brohagen

    /u/Brohagen Guest

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    OK. I have been using Adobe Dreamweaver to create menus within html pages. I placed the pages in SharePoint then use a Webpart to display the menus. I am using Iframes to display the pages so when users click on the menu buttons they bring up other menu pages within the webpart. No problem.

    It worked great until we moved to Windows 10 from 2007. When I make ANY changes to the menus using Dreamweaver and save the page, links within the menu code to other pages are completely changed from lets say "/Pages/FrontTopMenu2.html" to "/Pages/97eb0b6". Some RANDOM number. Always the same number. This causes all the menu links to break. Why is SharePoint doing this to me? Only happens Windows 10. When I go back to 2007 I have no problems. Maybe its a Dreamweaver issue?

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