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Script path mysteriously modified in html page in 2 environments

Discussion in 'Official Microsoft News' started by Microsoft SharePoint, Dec 9, 2015.

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    I'm a software developer who encountered a very bizarre issue this morning, if anyone has any ideas or directions to point me to that would be great.

    Years ago I developed a solution which involves an Infopath form prefaced by 2 web pages, both containing videos. They both are .ASPX pages that reference html through a CEWP. The html file is fairly straightforward. 100 lines of markup and javascript which uses Flowplayer. At some point in the past week or so the aspx page would load the html but the script source referencing the flowplayer javascript was modified.

    ORIGINAL WORKING <script src="../SiteAssets/flowplayer-3.2.13.min.js"></script>

    NEW AND BROKEN <script src="flowplayer-3.2.13.min.js"></script>

    Attached is a quick mockup i put together to explain the layout of the files to hopefully paint a better picture.


    So the aspx page is loading up the html page, which the script tag is then looking for in the same directory (in Pages) which the file is not in. Changing it back to how I originally had it fixes it, but that doesn't answer the million dollar Junior dev salary question: how did it get changed in the first place? In the two environments that it was modified in, I don't have access (no developers do) and there are only a handful of admins who all deny ever touching the application or files within. I went and looked through source control, and in the old emails where i sent in the deployment package and it all matches my old script which includes the SiteAssets path. The admins say that there is no patch or update that could have modified the files so apparently we have some sort of an anomaly.

    I should also say that there were 2 aspx and 2 html files (in the same respective locations) and the script path was changed in both of them, and in the library it shows neither has been modified in over year, and this application was working just a few weeks ago.

    I understand that they should have been in a scripts folder, in which case it would have worked for both html and aspx files as they both would have gone down a directory to look for it. (Possibly) My question is assuming that I'm not an idiot (a big assumption, I know.) and that the admins are telling the truth and none of them personally went in and modified it, is there ANY ways this could have been modified somehow through SharePoint?

    I got a snarky email from the sharepoint squad (With managers cc'd) stating that i need to make sure that my deployments and source control match production, I kind of feel like if my environments that I deploy to and including my packages that I sent in all worked in many environments (and tested by a senior dev) work, then production should ideally be no different.

    I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

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