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Recommendations on how I could link a CEWP to a file in another collection?

Discussion in 'SharePoint Blogs' started by /u/simkessy, Mar 30, 2017.

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  1. /u/simkessy

    /u/simkessy Guest

    Blog Posts:
    I'm creating a Page that contains a CEWP which will link to an HTML file.

    The plan is to template that site/page and use it across multiple sites and collections.

    I want to link the HTML from 1 location so if we need to make an update across all sites, it can be done from said 1 location.

    However, there's a new site collection created after a certain threshold so the link can't be in that path. For example:

    mysite.com/projects/1/pro-1 mysite.com/projects/1/pro-2 mysite.com/projects/2/pro-3 mysite.com/projects/2/pro-4 mysite.com/projects/n/pro-5 mysite.com/projects/n/pro-n

    Given this structure, the HTML file that the CEWP link to cannot be on /projects/1-n

    I want to create something like mysites.com/cdn/home/SiteAssets/custom.html and use that link across all those sites above to link to the CEWP and make changes in one place.

    Any suggestions?

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