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ReactJS, SharePoint 2013, and Forms Customization

Discussion in 'SharePoint Blogs' started by /u/Chrispy_Bites, Mar 27, 2017.

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  1. /u/Chrispy_Bites

    /u/Chrispy_Bites Guest

    Blog Posts:
    Someone tried to ask this question nine months ago and didn't get much response. I thought I'd try it again, in case things have changed.

    For a while now, I've been using a combination of Mark Rackley's bit of jQuery and the Office UI Fabric JS library to customize OOTB list forms. This has been highly successful thus far, and I have no problems (beyond my own hacky coding, natch).

    That said, I'm starting to feel like I might be missing a boat doing things this way. As /u/bcameron1231 pointed out a few months ago, using mine and Mark's method means I'm stuck with SharePoint's field styles and whatever validation I can shoehorn into the form with javascript/jQuery.

    To that end, I'd very much like to try ReactJS, particularly the Office UI Fabric React components. Unfortunately, the only tutorials I can find pairing this stuff with SharePoint is via the Framework, which is really only happening in SPO. We're all on-prem. So:

    • Has anyone had any experience using ReactJS with SharePoint on premise? Or even online, but not necessarily via the framework?
    • How about ReactJS and SharePoint, in general (forms notwithstanding)? One of the hangups I've got switching over to one of these frameworks is that the toolchain seems pretty focused on building websites that don't already exist. And SharePoint, as we all know, is kind of special in this regard.
    • Anyone doing forms customization (not with InfoPath, natch) some other, componentized way, maybe not with React?
    • Am I not really missing out on anything, and I should stop second-guessing myself and just get back to work instead of wringing my hands over this nonsense?
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