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Opinion wanted on database/dashboard set up

Discussion in 'SharePoint Blogs' started by /u/wiredwisk, Apr 6, 2017.

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  1. /u/wiredwisk

    /u/wiredwisk Guest

    Blog Posts:
    I need to create a database that contains 120 entries with 43 columns. My goals are as follows:
    *be able to create a dashboard where users can analyze data.

    *it be easy for users to update data (maybe through an InfoPath form).

    *create different views of the data based on the user's need.

    *be able to print the database if necessary.

    *Stretch goal: create a mail merge Word document that will print out selected entries and columns in a pretty report for the boss.

    *Stretch goal: figure out a way so that user groups can only update specific columns (i.e. Group 1 can edit columns A, B, D and Group 2 can edit C, D, E.).

    I know how to do 2 things:
    * 1: create a spreadsheet. I would use pivot tables to create my dashboards and would set up the spreadsheet to print nicely. I do not know how to set up views with this method other than through pivot tables. Also, this way would require that the user open the entire document to edit instead of just 1 entry (unless there is a way to do one entry through an InfoPath that I do not know of).

    *2: create a list in SharePoint. I can create views and users can update 1 entry at a time. I believe I can create the dashboard using dashboard designer but I am not very familiar with the product (will be an adventure). I have no idea how to make things print nicely in SharePoint.

    Any suggestions? I DO NOT have the ability to use SharePoint Designer. Is there an option I'm not thinking of? This is my first time being in charge of a large scale SharePoint project (this will be utilized by hundreds of people) so I want to make sure I start off on the right foot.

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