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Need help with Sharepoint workflow

Discussion in 'SharePoint Blogs' started by /u/Feelyo, Apr 13, 2017.

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  1. /u/Feelyo

    /u/Feelyo Guest

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    Hi guys,

    I'm pretty much a newbie in sharepoint and i've been tasked with creating a workflow in our own internal sharepoint. Limits are - it has to be either an OOTB solution or a non-paid one.

    Please note that English isn't my native language so in case there are some misunderstandings or something that might be poorly explained from my side, feel free to comment and i'll reply as soon as possible.

    The task is creating a workflow that has multiple parts:

    1. Input request details from user

    2. Send email and create a task that the request needs to be approved for the approval team

    3. If the request is approved - assign a task to a so called AdminTeam, from which further details need to be collected

    4. After all has been done - go to user for confirmation and in case it's confirmed mark it as done and save it.

    Issues i'm having are:

    1. If i'm using a 2010 platform workflow, i cannot have get the task id in the original list on which the workflow is started, since either the workflow waits for the task to end or it comes back with null data as the ID of the task, but if i'm using 2013, i cannot use the nifty feature of "collect data from user"
    2. If i'm using 2010 - on the task list (the one in which the task of collecting data from user is created) - i cannot find the ID of the original item created in the requests list, but if i'm using 2013 (in which i can use the find string function on the related content data source to extract only the id) - i cannot have a task start automatically on a creation of a task created by another workflow

    Any help?

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