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Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application says Stopping

Discussion in 'SharePoint Blogs' started by /u/rare_design, Apr 5, 2017.

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  1. /u/rare_design

    /u/rare_design Guest

    Blog Posts:
    STATUS: The service is started on the WFE and stopping on the APP server.

    OVERVIEW The 2016 farm seems to be working great now, but I installed the Foundation Web Application service only on the WFE thinking that the app server could be without it. Apparently for that reason, the minrole of Application with Search is not compliant.

    I tried click Fix in CA, but after it says it is working on it, it returns to the same Service status or list page without an error, and without it fixed.

    I found this article with a recommendation from the legendary and beloved Trevor Seward, but I would like to make sure I am going about this correctly first, as I see many other articles where others have intentionally disabled the service on their APP server. Unfortunately, I also see a bunch where solution deployments fail because they don't have the FWA service on the APP server.

    I assume the part about: $wa = Get-SPWebApplication http://webAppUrl $wa.ProvisionGlobally() Will need to be run for each web application EXCEPT for the CA app.

    I'll make a backup of the virtual directories as mentioned, but hopefully it won't need a manual config again and worst case would be a copy of the directories.

    Thanks all for any recommendations and insight.

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