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Maximum allowed Correlation Filter have been reached or exceeded

Discussion in 'Official Microsoft News' started by José Paulo Pendão, Apr 3, 2017.

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  1. José Paulo Pendão

    José Paulo Pendão Guest

    Blog Posts:
    The Error

    Exception command text: [dbo].[PerformBatchOperations], exception = Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging.QuotaExceededException: The number of maximum allowed CorrelationFilter have been reached or exceeded. Number of filters:100001, Max number of filters allowed: 100000.

    at Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Messaging.Broker.Sql.StoreUtilities.ValidateSqlResult(SqlDataReader reader, String entityName, SqlContainerLocation containerLocation)

    at Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Messaging.Broker.Sql.PerformBatchOperationAsyncResult.ProcessSqlResult(SqlDataReader reader)

    at Microsoft.Cloud.ServiceBus.Common.Sql.SqlStoreAsyncResult.SqlCommandAsyncResultCallback(IAsyncResult result). TrackingId: b21a82b0-c3be-4813-af96-4a6824b9159d_aassdwewewew_4a6824b9159d, SubsystemId: workflowdefaultnamespace:Topic:sharepoint/default/04bf3f89-d48b-43f7-9dab-081d7171e30a/e3b354f5-9ada-4566-9847-453a76698785/wftopic|tct.

    The Resolution

    1. Stop-SBFarm

    2. Run the powershell: Set-SBRuntimeSetting -Name MaximumNumberOfCorrelationFiltersPerTopic -Value 1000000

    3. Run the SQL query against SBMessageContainer01: UPDATE TopicsTable SET MaxCorrelationFilters = 1000000

    4. Start-SBFarm

    Hope that helps


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