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Looking for Advice on Best Implementation

Discussion in 'Official Microsoft News' started by BigJoe, Dec 22, 2015.

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  1. BigJoe

    BigJoe Guest

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    Hi everybody,

    Fairly new to SharePoint, we are planning on using Office365 SharePoint for a company information WiKi but we are getting stuck with setup.

    We have several departments: HR, Management, Sales, Marketing, IT, Finance.

    Should we setup a separate WiKi library for each department ? As obviously management information doesn’t want to be shared with Sales etc..

    What about company information that is relevant to everybody, should we have an everybody WiKi as well as one for each department.

    It seems a pity that you can’t have folders and permissions within a WiKi library (easily).

    Each department also needs to have its own document library.

    Or would a subsite for each department containing a document & WiKi library workout best ?

    I originally started with the subsite structure but have now switched back to lots of different library’s on the main site, however I am now thinking of heading back down the subsite route.

    Just wondered if anybody had any compelling advice ?



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