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Lesson Learned #25: Export/Import Azure SQL Database using Azure File Service?

Discussion in 'Official Microsoft News' started by Jose M Jurado - MSFT, Apr 3, 2017.

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  1. Jose M Jurado - MSFT

    Jose M Jurado - MSFT Guest

    Blog Posts:
    In some situations, we need to import or export our Azure SQL Database using SQLPackage, but, unfortunately, either source and destination file we cannot specify a blob storage, in case that we want to save the file in this storage. For this reason, we have to use a local temporal folder for uploading/downloading the file depending on our needs.

    However, we have an alternative, using Azure File Services. Once we have configured this we could use it as a local drive and use this for our SQLPackage.

    For example, I create an Azure File Storage and I connect it using the following command:

    • net use f: \myfile.file.core.windows.netmysqlpackage /u:useraccount mykey
    • Once we have specified this network drive we could use sqlpackge, like this one to import our data. sqlpackage.exe /a:import /sf:f:data.bacpac /tdn:mydb /tsn:myserver.database.windows.net /tp:password /tu:user


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