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Interview with Laura Butler, Microsoft Vice President Star Treknical Goddess | GALs

Discussion in 'Official Microsoft News' started by Soumow Atitallah, Apr 4, 2017.

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  1. Soumow Atitallah

    Soumow Atitallah Guest

    Blog Posts:
    In this episode, Soumow sits with Laura Butler the one and only Star Treknical Goddess, the first female Technical Fellow at Microsoft and currently the Vice President of OneNote.
    She specializes in debugging problems of all kinds, from crashing code to team morale to cookies that don't brown properly. She's sorry that you're still using code she wrote 20+ years ago.

    A great article about Laura here: Laura Butler, the Cat's Pajamas.
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    GALs is a show about the women who work in Tech (at Microsoft or outside) from three ladies that currently work on the Channel 9 team. Golnaz Alibeigi, Soumow Atitallah, and Kaitlin McKinnon have started a new series featuring women in Tech who work in development, management, marketing and research who have interesting stories to share about their success in the industry and ideas on how to grow diversity in IT.

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