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Importing external content db errors

Discussion in 'Official Microsoft News' started by Anders Bergwall, Dec 17, 2015.

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  1. Anders Bergwall

    Anders Bergwall Guest

    Blog Posts:
    Okey, basically this is the scenario

    our company merged with another and we are to "consume" their sharepoint sites for backup purpose so that if they need to get some files from previous sites they can.

    we put this "backup" into our TEST-environment sp2010 /sql 2008r2 to verify data (and possibly keep it there and skip adding it to our production 2013 environment)

    we got one contentdb.bak file from them (sql2005 sp2007) that now is restored into SQL on our side, and i ran test-spcontentdatabase and it shows alot of errors, but none as "critical" so i performed the Mount-SPcontentDatabase and basically thats where i am now.

    we also got their inetpub-folder and how am i suppose to continue now?

    since its not criticall information or live data that we need access to 24/7 i only want to be able to browse this stuff and maybe extract some libraries/files a couple of times per year.

    but when i open startpage i get that some assembly is not avaliable and then its a no go. also i have no site structure if i go to view site collection it only shows "/"

    how would you act if you got the same scenario?

    help me please :)

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