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How to get TermStore name and TermSet name when I have the Guid ID?

Discussion in 'SharePoint Blogs' started by /u/horoblast, Jul 12, 2018.

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  1. /u/horoblast

    /u/horoblast Guest

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    So I have a TaxonomyField which is connected to a TermSet from a certain TermStore. Now, when I look at the properties of that taxonomy field, I can see TermSetId and other properties used for referencing the correct TermSet in TermStore.

    How can I now get the TermStore name and TermSet name from that guid? Is there a way to link a new Taxonomy field to the correct termstore/termset? Right now I do it this way (with string names):

    Context.Web.WireUpTaxonomyField(fld.Id, term.TermGroupName, term.TermSetName);

    This will wire up the field to the correct termstore/termset, but I need string names for that.

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