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How many Web applications, getting mixed answers

Discussion in 'Official Microsoft News' started by Microsoft SharePoint, Dec 9, 2015.

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    hello all! My agency offers SharePoint as a service to other agencies within our organizations. These other agency's could potentially require many different forms of authentication, ADFS,SSL, etc. We have not gone the HNSC route (due to not wanting to make everyone ADFS although that's not out of the realm of possibilities) but we are running into a problem now that we have a lot of web applications (28) and now when we try to create web applications it takes extremely long and times out. In IIS we have increased the shutdown time limit to 800 and increased ping max response time to 800 as well per premiere Microsoft supports recommendation. We split the web application's, application pools up in three groups High, Medium, and Low and Web Applications we deem need their own application pools based on user traffic we create them their own. We are running 9 servers including 1 sql box 4 wfe 4 apps servers all running 8 proc 16gb. Generally how many web application have you all see to be stable. We initially took this route of not going HNSC because another microsoft tech told us we could do many web applications as long as we regulated the app pools and kept the memory usage low. none of our servers reach above 13-14gig on load. thanks for the help in advanced.

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