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How do I programmatically control the order of my program’s notification icons?

Discussion in 'Official Microsoft News' started by Raymond Chen - MSFT, Jun 14, 2018.

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  1. Raymond Chen - MSFT

    Raymond Chen - MSFT Guest

    Blog Posts:
    A customer had a program that created multiple taskbar
    notification icons,
    and they wanted to know if there was a way to
    control the order in which they appeared.

    Nope, that's not something you can control.
    You can create multiple icons, but the system chooses
    where they go.
    They might go into the visible portion of the notification area.
    They might go into the overflow.
    The user can use the control panel to move your icon between
    the two places, or the system could decide automatically.
    The user can also drag the icon directly from the notification
    area into the overflow, or vice versa.
    The user can even drag the icon within the notification area
    to customize the order.

    The customer responded that they figured out how to do it.
    They performed a FindWindow for the control
    that renders the notification area and sent it private messages to
    reorder the icons.

    These customers make the application compatibility team sad.

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