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Help with SP2013 site topology and renaming

Discussion in 'SharePoint Blogs' started by Microsoft SharePoint, Dec 20, 2015.

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    Hey wonder if anybody can help me out here, I'm a SP novice and want to sort this out before we begin using the site too heavily.

    I was planning to start off with an Enterprise Wiki, then get a File Repository setup and finally down the road probably an Intranet page of some sort for the whole company that I guess would be the parent of the Wiki and File Repo? Anyway I deployed a brand new SP2013 server called sharepoint01.domain.local but was hoping to use FQDN's across the board for our sites (host-named sites). I ended up with a webapplication http://sharepoint01:80. I then ended up with three Site Collections -
    / http://sharepoint01/
    intranet.domain.local http://intranet.domain.local
    wiki.domain.local http://wiki.domain.local

    The Wiki site is up-and-going and is pretty much perfect, has an FQDN and we've put some great data in there. The only issue is that when you click the links in the top right (NewsFeed, OneDrive, Sites, About Me) they link to say http://sharepoint01/my/Person.aspx and give a HTTP404.

    The Intranet and root sites are currently empty, so happy to delete if we need. What I really want is to
    1. Get rid of all references to http://sharepoint01/
    2. Have a top level site that will act as our company Intranet and maybe the parent of the Wiki and probably a File Repo.

    What do you guys think?

    submitted by Zenith63
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