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Help thinking through a solution

Discussion in 'SharePoint Blogs' started by /u/Chrispy_Bites, Apr 3, 2017.

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  1. /u/Chrispy_Bites

    /u/Chrispy_Bites Guest

    Blog Posts:
    I've been asked to streamline a process one group in our company uses to grab a third-party certification for our products and/or services. It works like this:

    1. A document describing a process or policy is uploaded to a triage library.
    2. This document is applied to one or many of the business units (entities) which make up my organization via a checkbox column.
    3. The document is triaged by the group, any issues are remediated, and then copies of that document are uploaded to the third-party certification authority, one for each entity (why? Who knows, but the third party controls that part of the process, and I don't have any ability to fix that).
    4. At some point in the future, the document is returned as either certified or with issues for additional remediation.

    The problem is the person who built the system by which they track the document's progress has built one of those things that folks with just enough knowledge of SharePoint's features and functions typically build: an over-engineered mess. Like, because they couldn't figure out how to set up choice and status columns appropriately, in order to determine which documents have not been reviewed or uploaded for specific entities, they have checkbox fields for negative reporting for each entity. It's a mess.

    My solution is to move the per-entity tracking of the document---again, a requirement of the third party certifier we use---into a list for each of those entities, and report back on the overall progress of the document to a single status column. Something like:

    Doc Entities Status
    Please_certify.doc Entity 1; Entity 2; Entity 3; In progress

    And then that link would then show me (either by directly clicking, or with a nifty mouseover effect; it doesn't really matter) something like:

    Entity Status Last Modified
    Entity 1 Complete 4/1/2017
    Entity 2 Uploaded 4/2/2017
    Entity 3 Reviewed Internally 4/3/2017

    Most of this, I have a concept for how I'm going to do it. What I'm having trouble thinking through is how I might do the status link in the document library. Obviously, it'd need to use some sort of query string identifying the entry in the entity lists; I'd also need some way to know that until "Complete" is in the status field of my tracking lists, the overall status of the document is In Progress. I could probably do most of the heavy lifting by just using a bunch of REST calls, but I'd like to try and do this with some sort of column on the document library (like a URL coluimn) and potentially some workflows to change statuses and such.

    Clear as mud?

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