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[Help] Large file upload completion

Discussion in 'Official Microsoft News' started by Microsoft SharePoint, Dec 11, 2015.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm very new to SharePoint administration, so please be gentle =).

    First, I am loving SharePoint, and the potential of what I can do with it. I currently have a single SharePoint server with a single DB Server, both of which have been configured to use Remote Blob Storage, and almost all of it is working quite well. However, I'm attempting to stress test things to see how far I can push it, and when uploading large files (100's of MB a piece, via Explorer Drag & Drop) I have noticed that the file(s) get completely uploaded first (at a reasonable speed) and then slowly written out to the storage (I watch the available space on the volume slowly go down). While it's being written to storage, the site of course doesn't show any additional progress - just a full upload bar.

    I'm using Windows Server 2012, IIS8, SharePoint 2013, and SQL Server 2014. The storage is an iSCSI volume (static size) and appears to be writing quickly when I copy a file directly onto the drive itself (~135MB/s speed).

    Is there some configuration I'm missing? Is this normal behavior?

    Thanks, everyone.

    Edit: I just wanted to note that it's not timing out - I solved that problem a while ago. Rather, it is just taking a really long time to make the file available through SharePoint, because it's writing the file out to storage.

    submitted by Landale
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