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Hands-on with Lotus F1 Team’s Power BI implementation

Discussion in 'Official Microsoft News' started by Office 365 Team, Dec 10, 2015.

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    Lotus F1 Team generates terabytes of data—from operations to the track. Huge amounts of data can make it difficult to discover trends and efficiencies without data visualization. The team started their Power BI journey with operational data. The primary goal was to gain new insights and enable self-service Power BI without having to continually ask IT for custom views and reports.

    This week, Office Mechanics returns to Enstone to follow Lotus F1 Team’s implementation of Power BI. The IT crew discusses the shift from SQL Server and SSRS to self-service Power BI while providing a step-by-step demonstration of what they did to get Power BI running.

    If you follow Power BI, you’ll often see the finished results with new dashboards, charts and Q&A working, but not usually what it takes to get there. That’s not the case here, as we go hands-on with Kerrie Sparling and Carolyn Yarnold from Lotus F1 Team. They demonstrate how to pull data in from multiple data sources and build relationships using the new Power BI Desktop, grouping the data using DAX queries along with building and sharing dashboards. They also provide tips along the way to ensure Q&A can parse your data model.

    How did it turn out? We catch up with the team’s operations and manufacturing leads, Thomas Mayer and Ian Pearce, to get their take on Power BI and the capabilities. And we meet with Mark Everest, who manages the cars’ telemetry data, to explore a few possibilities using Excel, Power BI and Azure Data Lake to gain insights from the track.

    Of course, to learn a few tips and see how everything works, you’ll want to watch the show. Next time, we’ll see what the team is doing to manage race crew logistics using Office Add-ins, APIs and Office 365 extensibility.

    See you then,
    Jeremy Chapman

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