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Edit and Display Forms with Buttons to change views or content types

Discussion in 'SharePoint Blogs' started by /u/Mordback, Jun 14, 2018.

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  1. /u/Mordback

    /u/Mordback Guest

    Blog Posts:
    I have been tasked with creating an form for my teams SharePoint that has a lot of fields in it (187 so far) that relate to projects (risks, financials, planning and so forth). Many of the fields are Multi-Line text boxes.

    My initial thought on this was to group up the fields that relate to each other and create them in a content type or view and have then display under a "button". So all the fields that relate to Post Deployment would show when clicking on the button Post Deployment.

    I have created a mockup of what I am thinking at https://imgur.com/a/EXMNDyi

    In that image View 1 will always be displayed regardless of which button is clicked below it. Clicking the Training link would switch the bottom pane titled "Button Selection" to all the fields associated with the Content Type or View set for those fields.

    Ideally I would like this to happen without a page load so if the users are entering information in the Overview Section and click to the Training section that the information isn't lost. All fields are on the same list and this is on SharePoint 2016.

    Would Infopath be the right solution for this? Is there another option that is friendlier? I have access to SharePoint Designer but I am not a "coder" or developer at heart. I can read and get the idea of what's happening but generally I don't build from scratch.

    Thank you in advance for any guidance.

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