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Config Cache Isn't Rebuilding. Cache.ini value stays at '1'.

Discussion in 'SharePoint Blogs' started by Microsoft SharePoint, Dec 23, 2015.

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    I have a SharePoint application server with a timer job that's acting up. I can't stop or stop services on it and it shows in Central Admin that timer jobs running on the server have a status of "Paused".

    I've tried to rebuild the config cache on the server, but I encounter two problems: 1. The timer service won't stop. I have to stop it through Task Manager by ending the OWSTIMER service. 2. In the config cache folder, I change the value in cache.ini text to "1". When I start the timer service back up, the XML's start populating, but then they stop at 1156-1157 items; the healthy app servers have 1843 items in the config cache. The cache.ini also doesn't change; it stays at 1.

    I've tried the process several times, but nothing worked. Googling didn't lead to any answers either. I'm wondering, should I remove the server from the farm, uninstall/reinstall SharePoint on the server, then re-add it to the farm? Any thoughts on whether or not this would fix my issue?

    submitted by OddyKnocky
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