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Check the Available Memory of Default Pool

Discussion in 'Official Microsoft News' started by Shiyang Qiu, Mar 30, 2017.

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  1. Shiyang Qiu

    Shiyang Qiu Guest

    Blog Posts:
    One capacity planning best practice of using SQL In-Memory OLTP engine is to bind the database with a resource governance pool. The calculation of memory resource of pools is from here, and I translate it into below TSQL code to check both configured value and available value in run time.

    declare @MinMemoryPercent decimal(4,3)
    declare @MaxAvailableMemoryKB bigint
    declare @InusedMemoryKB bigint
    declare @ResPoolMinMemoryCapKB bigint
    declare @AvailableSharedMemoryKB bigint

    select @MinMemoryPercent = sum(min_memory_percent)/100, @InusedMemoryKB = sum(used_memory_kb) from sys.dm_resource_governor_resource_pools

    select @MaxAvailableMemoryKB = available_physical_memory_kb from sys.dm_os_sys_memory

    set @ResPoolMinMemoryCapKB = @MinMemoryPercent * @MaxAvailableMemoryKB

    if(@InusedMemoryKB>@ResPoolMinMemoryCapKB) set @AvailableSharedMemoryKB = @MaxAvailableMemoryKB - @InusedMemoryKB
    else set @AvailableSharedMemoryKB = @MaxAvailableMemoryKB - @ResPoolMinMemoryCapKB

    @MaxAvailableMemoryKB/1024.0 as [Max_Available_Memory_MB]
    ,@InusedMemoryKB/1024.0 as [Inused_Memory_MB]
    ,@ResPoolMinMemoryCapKB/1024.0 as [Resource_Pool_Min_Memory_Cap_MB]
    ,@AvailableSharedMemoryKB /1024.0 as [Available_Shared_Memory_MB]

    Posted by Shiyang Qiu, 2017 Mar 30
    Thanks to Frankie Lai for peer review.

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