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Best Practices for Approval System in SharePoint

Discussion in 'SharePoint Blogs' started by /u/wwcoop, Apr 5, 2017.

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  1. /u/wwcoop

    /u/wwcoop Guest

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    I am interested to hear feedback on strategy related to doing an approval system in SharePoint. I have done a few of these previously and it has never gone quite as smoothly as I had hoped. Do you guys have some background making something like this? I want to keep it simple and clean, but it needs to be dynamic also... Here are some general requirements I want to hit:

    • This will be purely SharePoint list data.
    • Need a system that changes the names and number of approvers from 1-7 depending on some criteria on the first step.
    • It will include email alerts to nudge people when they need to approve.
    • I need to handle when users might need to change the information being approved since this in many cases invalidates approval.
    • I need to likely associate different lists to each other since there is a lot of fields and information. For example, there may be as associated list record containing detailed data which must be approved through the main (parent) list.

    I have some ideas on what to avoid and overall structure, I just don't want things to get overly complex.

    I know how to implement most of this from a technical perspective, just curious how you guys would set up the overall architecture to make this work?

    Has anyone built something like this? What worked well? What didn't? Thanks!

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