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3 Common Myths About HD Video Conferencing

Discussion in 'Official Microsoft News' started by Office Team, Dec 30, 2015.

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  1. Office Team

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    Blog Posts:
    3 Common Myths About
    HD Video Conferencing

    The rumor is HD video conferencing can be intimidating.
    The reality is that once you know the facts, making video calls
    is one of the best ways to connect for business purposes.

    Installation is a pain.

    Video conferencing via the cloud doesn’t require any major hardware or software purchases.
    Everything is provided online, so installation is easy.


    Some services automatically detect your devices, including headset, mic,
    speakers, and camera, for quick and easy calls with little to no setup required.


    The costs are prohibitive.

    Actually, many of today’s top video conferencing services
    are low-cost, especially when implemented company-wide. Meetings can happen
    without plane travel, hotels, cabs, and meals. And that translates to big savings.

    Cloud services often offer affordable monthly pricing plans
    that can be scaled according to the number of users without sacrificing security.

    Net Present Value* Three Year Analysis

    Connecting everyone is hard.

    In fact, connecting is easier than you think. You can hold an HD video2 conference
    from your favorite device3 and accommodate up to 250 people on a single call.
    Everyone is connected, no matter where they are.


    Communication is stronger when you connect.
    There’s no substitute for seeing the other people in the meeting.

    [​IMG]87% of
    remote users
    feel more
    when video
    is used.4
    [​IMG]65% of
    is non-verbal,
    so users
    better when
    it’s visual.4

    Don’t let your business suffer by falling behind in the latest tech advances.
    Video conferencing allows you to save money
    and foster better connections with both employees and clients.

    Visit office.com/business to learn more about HD video conferencing with Skype for Business now.



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