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Another workflow and calculated column question - working days. I think I'm missing...

Discussion in 'SharePoint Blogs' started by /u/HeartyBeast, Oct 11, 2018.

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  1. /u/HeartyBeast

    /u/HeartyBeast Guest

    Blog Posts:
    Sharepoint 2016

    • I'm trying to send an email alert 3 working days (excluding weekends) after a meeting.
    • when creating a new list item the user enters [meeting date] is
    • I'm using Sharepoint 2010 workflows because I want them associated with a content type.

    So I've been looking at blog posts such as


    They both tell me that doing the calculation in the workflow itself isn't possible because workflow doesn't do that type of sophisticated calculation.

    Instead, I should be using a calculated column.

    However, I can't use a calculated column when I create the list item because formula can't refer to other column in the same item because they don't have values in yet.

    And I can't use workflow logic because it can't handle the equations.;

    So uh... I must be missing something. Could someone hit me with a clue-by-four.

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