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Accessing SharePoint Documents via OneDrive mobile app

Discussion in 'SharePoint Blogs' started by /u/cride11, Sep 9, 2017.

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  1. /u/cride11

    /u/cride11 Guest

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    I am hoping someone can point in the proper direction. We have set up a very basic SharePoint site that we would like employees to be able to access and upload files using their mobile devices. I am currently testing and ran into something so strange that I can not sort out. When navigating the mobile SharePoint app if I choose a document library my phone then loads into the OneDrive app but can not find the SharePoint site. Doing a search within the OneDrive app does not find the site either. I can only see groups or Teams sites that have been set up. I actually am working on two different SharePoint sites and neither show.

    If I try to access the document library via the share link from my mobile device I get this error within the OneDrive app: Error Now if I choose for the link to open using either the SharePoint app or chrome browser it works fine.

    We had been using a group site before for this and we were able to go through the SharePoint app and when we would click on a document library it would open up fine in the OneDrive app. So it seems like groups work, but straight SharePoint sites do not. I am wondering if there is a setting or something I am over looking that will allow us to manage document libraries within the OneDrive app.

    I appreciate any and all help, and please excuse any incorrect jargon or my long-windedness. I'm learning as I go.

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